aliunid is a white label service for producers, suppliers and network operators. end users (households, prosumers and sme) will experience aliunid as a smart home or smart business solution.

phasing out of nuclear and fossil energy is a formidable task and in the future, switzerland’s energy supplies will become increasingly dependent on weather conditions. it is here that aliunid will step in, creating a flexible system that breaths. when there is surplus energy, this will be stored, and should there be a deficit, this will be returned. aliunid is the key to eliminating our dependency on non-renewable energy sources and to a swift reduction of all our CO2 footprints.

aliunid services rely on our own, 100% swiss-owned IoT-technology (internet of things). aliunid is based on a distributed data architecture and a proprietary solution for controlling decentralised energy networks in real time. this is how we pave the path for the next generation of data protection and cyber security.

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aliunid – an innovative and efficient business ecosystem involving producers, distributors, providers, prosumers and end-users.

aliunid is a pilot project of the swiss federal office of energy (BFE) and has a mandate to elaborate the technical, regulatory and energy framework which is necessary for the implementation of the swiss energy strategy 2050.

at the moment, the aliunid community comprises 11 local energy suppliers, 2 hydro power producers and 1 gas trading company.

from 1st april on, aliunid and a maximum number of 20 innovative partners, will conduct a field test across switzerland. talks regarding admission to the “club of the 20 digital energy suppliers of switzerland” are being conducted at the moment.

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from 1st april 2019 on, aliunid will start a swiss-wide pilot of its solutions together with end-users, providers, network operators and producers.

in november 2018 aliunid entered into a technological partnership with swiss federal railways in the fields of energy management and decarbonisation. the swiss federal office of energy (BFE) has, since december 2018, supported aliunid as a pilot project.

aliunid works in collaboration with leading swiss research institutes, universities and institutes of technology.

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about us

dr. david thiel and professor dr. andreas danuser are the founders of aliunid. they have excellent credentials as CEO, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers in the field of energy supplies and computer sciences (IoT). they work closely with highly-qualified, complementary teams of service designers, energy specialists, engineers, as well as with carefully chosen marketing and communication specialists.

we would be glad to hear from you should you have interest, suggestions or feedback, whether as clients, partners or as part of the team.